Which Affiliates Help Us:
In brief
Aside the devision stated in ministry organization, 8 ministry affiliates, serve people in a broad range of activities and services which ministry assigned to them aims at its goals attainment .
The list of affiliates and a brief definition, are as fallow:
Social Security Fund
the largest insurer organization which covers the health insurance of near to half of country population.

Technical and Vocational Trainingthe largest organization in vocational training with 600 center nation wide and more than 300million/ hour/ person training ( apprenticeship, technical and vocational training) each year.

Labour and Social Security Institute: An specialized institute, focused on promotion of knowledge and awareness of representatives of labour, employer, government officers, etc. in employment and labour relation department.

Civil Servant Pension: This organization is responsible for establishing a self-sufficient system based on scientific studies for paying pension, and preserving the CSPF rights and carrying out all the legal affairs and claims related to the CSPF.

Iran Health Insurance Organization: an organization established to provide health insurance coverage for all Iranian and to merge and integrating all health insurance funds in the country, the system successfully carryout its duty in the first tear of its forming and has provided near to 10 million health insurance coverage for uninsured.

Cooperative Development Bank: According to CDB objectives the main focus of this bank is all activities aim at supporting and protecting cooperatives and cooperate activities in the country.

Social Insurance Fund of FRN: This a specialized insurance fund established to cover the population those excluded from the society due to their special geographical situation, the main groups are rural and city margins
State Welfare Organization:
The largest public welfare provider for all strata in the country in general and the main service provider for disabled, aged, impoverished and other vulnerable people or groups.